Jazz For A Literary Mind (JD191)

  1. I'll Never Read Trollope Again
  2. I Could Write A Book
  3. Zoot Walked In/Morning Fun
  4. If I Could Sing Your Blues
  5. I Don't Know Enough About You
  6. If I Only Had A Brain
  7. When Kafka Was The Rage
  8. Take Five
  9. Blue And Sentimental
  10. Can't Take You Nowhere
  11. Autumn Leaves
  12. The Word Around Town
  13. Do I Love You
  14. Crazeology
  15. Ephemera

Pour the cafe au lait, settle into an easy chair and turn on this winsome collection of classic music and wordplay. Gleaned from the rich vaults of Chesky Records, Jazz For A Literary Mind is like spending a lazy Sunday afternoon with your favorite CDs and paperback. The irreverent Dave's True Story kicks things off with vocalist Kelly Flint's wry explanation of why she'll "Never Read Trollope Again." Lessons are still harder learned in their second song "When Kafka Was The Rage," where lovers trade literary allusions like others trade sweet nothings. And then there is acclaimed vocalist/actress Rebecca Pidgeon casting her cool intelligence on "The Word Around Town." This slinky lyrical collaboration between Pulitzer prize-winning playwright David Mamet and renowned novelist/cartoonist/poet Shel Silverstein is sure to leave guilty lovers looking over their shoulders. Jazz For A Literary Mind also features standout recordings that will stimulate your synapses. Clark Terry swings his masterful trumpet through "Autumn Leaves," John Basile's guitar takes a left-brain turn on "Take Five," and Red Rodney zooms along at warp speed on the bebop classic "Crazeology." Other stellar performances by Phil Woods, Eddie Daniels, Peggy Lee and John Pizzarelli round out this mind-expanding collection. So get smart with Chesky Records' Jazz For A Literary Mind. Your mind and ears will be glad you did.