The Jazz Chamber Trio (JD293)

  1. Preludio y Merengue
  2. Difficult
  3. Recorda A Papa?
  4. A Night in Tunisia
  5. Alfonsina y el Mar
  6. Kalimba
  7. Five After
  8. Cristal
  9. Improvisation (Saxophone Solo)
  10. A Fuego Lento
  11. Carinhoso
  12. Niebla y Cemento

Featuring pianist Alon Yavnai and cellist Mark Summer Chesky Records' 2005 release of Grammy Award-winning musician and composer Paquito D’Rivera’s “The Jazz Chamber Trio”. Veteran of a fifty year-plus career, clarinetist and saxophonist D’Rivera delivers twelve opulent tracks in a contemporary chamber music setting accompanied by his long-time Chamber Trio members pianist Alon Yavnai and cellist Mark Summer.  D’Rivera skillfully applies a beautiful Latin-tinged arranger’s palette to a diverse repertoire of music ranging from the original composition “Preludio Y Merengue” to “Night in Tunisia” to the Brazilian Pixinguinha’s classic “Carinhoso”.

The album was recorded in Chesky’s signature audiophile sound at the Foundation for Iberian Music at the City University of New York.

D’Rivera has won two Grammy Awards for his previous Chesky releases “Portraits of Cuba” (1996) and “Tropicana Nights” (2000). He was the first artist to win a Latin Grammy in both the Classical and Latin Jazz categories. He has recorded over thirty solo albums in jazz, bebop and Latin music and has performed with numerous prestigious classical music ensembles around the world.