Like As A Hart: Psalms And Spiritual Songs (CD138)

  1. Sicut cervus, motet for 4 voices (from Motets Book II for 4 voices)
  2. Psalm 42 ("As pants the hart"), for soloists, chorus and orchestra in F major, Op. 42: Wie Der Hirsc
  3. Ainsi Qu'on Oit le Cerf Bruire
  4. Like As the Hart Desireth the Waterbrooks (Psalm 42), anthem for chorus
  5. Psalm 24 for chorus, orchestra and organ
  6. Vesperae solennes de confessore for soloists, chorus and orchestra, K. 339: Laudate Dominum
  7. Os justi, gradual for chorus in Lydian mode, WAB 30
  8. Psalm 67, for chorus, S. 151 (K. 5C24)
  9. O Taste and See, motet for chorus and organ (Psalm 34)
  10. My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, hymn arrangement for chorus (or male chorus or female chorus)
  11. Notre Père (2 versions), for chorus; for male voices and organ, Op. 14
  12. Pater noster, for choir
  13. Pater Noster
  14. Te Deum, for trumpet, chorus and organ in C major
  15. Draw Us in the Spirit's Tether
  16. Elijah (Elias), oratorio, Op. 70: Blessed are the men who fear Him
  17. Antiphon ("Let all the world"), song for baritone, chorus (ad lib.) orchestra (or organ) (Mystical S

A pristine audiophile recording captured in the sublime acoustics of The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, and featuring Nancianne Parrella on the church's spectacular pipe organ.