Grace (JD300)

  1. Protect This Child
  2. Moon In Your Hair
  3. One
  4. Grace
  5. Pain
  6. Come As You Are
  7. This Women's Work
  8. Riot
  9. Joga
  10. Imagine

On Grace Rachel selects songs by U2, Nirvana, Kate Bush, Björk and John Lennon to mix with her own compositions binding the ten tracks of the album with spare arrangements and universal themes encompassing love, pain and growth. The simplicity of a trio consisting of Rachel's piano, long-time collaborator Bobbie Rae's signature drums/percussion and Chris J. Luard on bass, recorded with Chesky's renowned minimalist miking techniques, creates a most intimate environment for such eloquent material.


"To connect with new listeners without selling out or dumbing down, Rachel has found a way to make the age-old piano trio relevant and fresh to younger ears"-