Four Marys (JD165)

  1. Macdougall's Men
  2. Texas Rangers
  3. Fhear a Bhata
  4. The Haughs of Cromdale
  5. Johnnie Cope
  6. Black Jack Davey
  7. The Cruel Mither
  8. The Four Marys
  9. Her Bright Smile
  10. The Banks of Newfoundland
  11. Jock O Hazeldean
  12. The Twa Corbies
  13. Hey How My Johnnie Lad
  14. The Gypsy Laddies

You know her voice. Scottish-singer/actress Rebecca Pidgeon captivated music lovers and audiophiles alike with her classic rendition of "Spanish Harlem". Now, on her new Celtic-inspired, musical story book "Four Marys" she takes listeners on a musical journey back to her Scottish roots. Historical, philosophical, humorous and tragic, "Four Marys" explores classic tales of love, infidelity, war and revenge. In the process, Pidgeon's fresh interpretations of traditional Celtic folk songs like "Fhear a Bhata", "Black Jack Davey" and "Jock O Hazeldean" - blend her unmistakable vocal style with a distinctive Celtic flavor. Featuring some of Celtic music's finest musicians such as Johnnie Cunningham on fiddle and mandolin and Jerry O'Sullivan on Uilleann Pipes, "Four Marys" is Pidgeon's tribute to her musical heritage. As she recalls of her own childhood, "My father knew many Scottish songs. It's a very small country and the music is all over. You hear it walking down Prices Street-there's always a bagpiper. It's soul music...To me, there's nothing like a good Scottish folk song."