The Fantasies For Solo Piano (JD139)

  1. Fantasy No. 1
  2. Fantasy No. 2
  3. Choro No. 20
  4. Fantasy No. 3
  5. Fantasy No. 4
  6. Choro No. 21
  7. Fantasy No. 5

Composer-pianist David Chesky has written seven new pieces that draw their inspiration from the Fantasia form. The Fantasia has evolved from its Renaissance roots and has become a vehicle for a composer's freedom of expression, utilizing rhythm, harmony, and improvisatory skill. And David Chesky brilliantly succeeds, not only in remaining faithful to the original concept of Fantasia, but also in creating a new genre of music with these works.

Recorded September 4-6, 1995 at the M.I.T. Media Lab in Boston, Massachusetts.

David Chesky - Piano

Produced by David Chesky

Recorded by Bob Katz

Edited by Gavin Martin

This album was made with the purest audio path, using the very best microphones, mic preamps, analog-to-digital converters, recorders, and cables with careful attention to detail to produce the most transparent and natural sound available today.


"An interesting and compelling composer [Chesky's] playing is full of brio and taut rhythm."

- Fanfare September/October 1996