Enrique Granados - Goyescas (CD125)

  1. Los Requiebros
  2. Coloquio En La Reja
  3. El Fandango De Candil
  4. Quejas, O La Maja Y El Ruisenor
  5. El Amor Y La Muerte: Balada
  6. Epilogo: Serenata Del Espectro
  7. Andaluza [ No. 5 ]

Enrique Granados, born in Lerida, Spain, on July 27, 1867, symbolized the essence of Spanish romanticism in his compositions. Granados was fascinated by the paintings of Francisco Goya (1746-1828). The vivid strokes, the beautiful maja and the fashions of the time in Goya’s works all appealed to Granados. Between 1909 and 1911, he composed his tribute to the painter, a masterpiece titled Goyescas. Pianist Benita Meshulam presents this work in all its painterly glory.


"Spanish Romantic Granados (1867-1916) was inspired by Goya's paintings of "majos" (18th century working-class males from Madrid done up in their fanciest courting finery) to write this six piece suite. Combining piano virtuosity, Spanish songs and dances, and Impressionistic harmonies invested with vividness and fire has made this Granados most popular composition. Meshulam, a specialist in Spanish music, plays with clarity and passion, and Chesky's sound is, as usual, superb." - New Review