Circle Of Drums (SACD295)

  1. Stepping (Isise)
  2. Incantations
  3. Dawn (Idaji)
  4. Embracement
  5. Ascension (Igoke)
  6. Cosmic Rhythm Vibrations

Circle of Drums features three great drum artists, Babatunde Olatunji, Muruga Booker, and Sikiru Adepoju. Their drumming styles combine with vocal chants, ancient stringed instruments and synth drones to create a trance-like soundscape that brings to mind the experimental rock of the 1960s when eastern philosophies and cultures were informing Western popular music.


"It's as if some elemental, primeval, mystical musical force were somehow magically captured on a piece of polycarbonate, to be released when played back on a music system. The sound quality is as staggering as the music."

- FI