The Central Park Concert (JD107)

  1. Verano Porteno
  2. Lunfardo
  3. Milonga Del Angel
  4. Muerte Del Angel
  5. Astor's Speech
  6. Tanguedia III
  7. Mumuki
  8. Adios Nonino
  9. Contrabajissimo
  10. Michelangelo 70
  11. Concierto Para Quinteto

"Directing four other fine musicians was the bandoneon of Piazzolla himself - asserting, elaborating, cajoling, and crooning in a way only possible for this instrument with a 'surrealistic life.' A life mirroring the self-acknowledged surrealism of the life of the man playing it - a man who nonetheless succeeded in identifying and speaking to the reality within everyone who heard his music. Astor Piazzolla's The Central Park Concert is a delight verging on pure brilliance."


"This 1987 live concert from New York's Central Park is dynamic, passionate, turbulent, and poignant The quintet plays with razor-sharp precision and complete empathy If you haven't heard Piazzolla's remarkably heartfelt music, there is no better introduction than this CD."

- Carl Baugher, Stereophile