Cantos De Agua Dulce (JD281)

  1. La Finca
  2. Eso Pido Yo
  3. Seis
  4. Cancion De Cuna
  5. Bolero
  6. La Flor
  7. Canta
  8. Receta
  9. El Pueblo
  10. Tonada De La Luna Llena
  11. El Hormigueo
  12. Confesion
  13. Dejalo Ir
  14. Aguellas Pequenas Cosas

This is the record that brought this Colombian-born songstress widespread critical acclaim. Cantos De Agua Dulce charted on Billboard's Top 10 Jazz Albums tally, the CMJ New World Chart and the World Music Europe Chart. On the strength of this recording, Gomez was nominated for Best Latin Jazz Vocalist of 2005 by Billboard's Latin Music Awards and was described by the magazine's reviewer as "... the essence of Latin cool."


Gomez [has] a scintillating style that applies subtle jazz skills to interpret the popular, folkloric music of Latin America.

- The Los Angeles Times