Brazil Dances (JD377)

  1. Dance No.6
  2. Dance No.7
  3. Dance No.8
  4. Etude No.1

Produced by David Chesky

Executive Producer: Norman Chesky

Recorded and Mastered by Nicholas Prout

Assistant Engineer: Alex Sterling

Production Coordinator: Max Steen

Cover Art: Paloma Chesky

Graphic Design: Jeff Wong

Recorded June 12th, 2014 at the Hirsch Center, Brooklyn, NYC

All music composed by David Chesky, Pamaluc Music, ASCAP

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Yamaha Concert Grand Piano

Piano Tuner, Kaz Tsujio

Recorded with the MSB A/D converter, Crystal Cables, B & K 4100 head and

torso simulator

Special thanks to Professor Edgar Choueiri, of the 3D Audio and Applied

Acoustics (3D3A) Lab of Princeton University, for his technical assistance on

the 3D audio aspects of this binaural recording