Best Of Brasil (JD157)

  1. Summer Samba
  2. Samba De Orfeo
  3. Velas Icadas
  4. Brasileirinho
  5. Chord No. 1
  6. Aparecida
  7. Chorinho No. 12 "Park Avenue"
  8. Meditation
  9. Pulo Do Gato
  10. Dindi
  11. Chorinho No.3 "Sheep Meadow"
  12. Nada Sera Como Antes
  13. Atras Da Porta

Brazilian music is more popular today than it has ever been before, and it's not hard to understand why a bossa nova entices with its rhythms, a ballad seduces with its passion, a choro invites with its melody. Chesky Records has put together a magnificent collection that will delight both the serious collector and highlight the essential elements of this lively music for the first-time listener. Best of Brazil boasts performances of high emotion and exquisite craft. It takes you on a musical vacation that lets you feel as if you've visited the sandy beaches of Rio without ever having left your room.


"The 13 tunes on this compilation offer a representative sample of Chesky's Brazilian recordings since 1989. A fine selection."

- Marcela Breton, Jazz Times