Because Of You (JD63)

  1. Berimbau
  2. What Am I Gonna Do With You...Aime?
  3. Haven't We Met?
  4. 'Round Midnight
  5. Someone To Watch Over Me
  6. Erienda
  7. I Could Write A Book
  8. Always
  9. This Old Man (For William Henry Rankin)
  10. Doralice
  11. Because Of You

The stunning vocal presence and emotional range of his new CD, Because Of You, catapults Kenny Rankin to the forefront of American male vocalists. While he assumed great celebrity for his breakthrough pop release of the 1970's, the sophisticated and intimate approach he takes with his interpretations of classic American standards by Gershwin, Berlin, Rodgers & Hart, Monk, as well as his own original compositions, will re-introduce him as a brilliant innovator in the elevation of pop music.


"Valid, moving, and superbly performed. The recording is first-rate, one of the best from Chesky--no faint praise. Highly recommended."

- Thomas J. Norton, Stereophile