Astor & Elis (JD146)

  1. Dois Pra L , Dois Pra C
  2. Piece For Piazzolla
  3. Adios Nonino
  4. Oblivion
  5. Milonga Del Angel
  6. Leijia's Game
  7. Invierno Porteno
  8. Elis
  9. Introduction To Cais / Atras Da Porta
  10. Nada Ser Como Antes
  11. Con Alma

This album began as Woods' tribute to the wonderful Brazilian singer Elis Regina. Gradually it evolved into a broader project, a salute to Astor Piazzola as well. Five of the 11 compositions in the album are by Piazzolla, and another Piece for Piazzolla, is Woods’ tribute to him. "It's all about the pure passion of Piazzolla's music—it's fado with jazz roots. You can almost see the bulls running..." The rest of the tunes are Brazilian, excepting Dizzy Gillespie's “Con Alma.” "The album is also a salute to Dizzy," Woods says. "He's the father of it all."


" of his most beautiful albums to date.  Woods magnificently displays both his classically trained side and his masterful jazz chops...Astor and Elis is one of my top picks for best album of 1996.  It's a gorgeous CD that should appeal to Woods' fans as well as to those who love subtle South American rhythms." - Jazz & Blues