About Home (JD59)

  1. River House
  2. Tecolote
  3. Spokes
  4. Crepuscular
  5. Updraft
  6. Evaristo
  7. About Home
  8. Bad Cloud
  9. Slowly But Surely
  10. Gift Of The Magpie
  11. Tesuque

Bruce Dunlap lavishes us with his sensuous acoustic guitar set against a very sensitive sax and rhythm backdrop. Magical music is created with rich colors and intricate textures of sound set against strong rhythms. About Home is a beautiful tapestry of sound, style, and musical invention. A kaleidoscopic tour de force.


"Hispanic folk music and Indian mythos inform Dunlap's pretty tunes, but don't get in the way of his focused and tricky chordal patterns. He's a disciplined, understated player with a strong melodic sense and has wonderful technique, but uses it with discretion."

- Ion Andrews, Downbeat