4 Generations of Miles (JD238)

  1. There Is No Greater Love
  2. All Blues
  3. On Green Dolphin Street
  4. Blue in Green
  5. 81
  6. Freddie Freeloader
  7. My Funny Valentine
  8. If I Were a Bell
  9. Oleo

The night of May 12, 2002, may go down as another important milestone on the timeline of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. Four musicians, each representing a different Miles Davis band from his ever-evolving career, came together at the club Makor in New York City to do what everybody said couldn't be done—effectively fuse together elements of the radically different styles that Miles embodied over his 45 years of professional performance.


"The program is made up of staples . . . but the vitality with which they're delivered proves that, in the hands of genuinely creative artists, even the most well-worn selections can sound fresh." - Stereophile