100 Lovers (JD250)

  1. 100 Lovers
  2. A Little Time
  3. Far Away
  4. Let's Grow Old
  5. Simply Put
  6. False Fly
  7. Hello It's Me
  8. You Never Can Begin It Too Soon
  9. As I Roved Out
  10. Until I Met You
  11. With You
  12. Dream

Carla Lother is one of those rare singer-songwriters whose work transcends the notions of what a pop and folk song should be. Vocally, Carla brings a beautifully clear and unique style to the table while combining sounds analogous to the best qualities of such singers as Shawn Colvin, Celine Dion and Joy Askew. This recording features a cover of Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me" alongside Carla's own soulful tunes. Several tracks are co-written with former Plasmatics guitarist Richie Stotts.